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Posted by / Wednesday, March 29, 2017 / 17 Comments

Thirty Five & Thirty Six Weeks Pregnant


Thirty Five - Thirty Six Week Bumpdate
We are getting so close to finally meeting baby M, and I can't contain my excitement! The next few weeks I need to get my butt in gear and finish the last minute baby details. Here's an update of the past two weeks:

Size of the Baby: I went to the doctor last week on Friday and the baby was about 5lbs

Total weight gain: I've gained about 20.2lbs 

Maternity clothes: Still haven't had to buy any, but almost none of my shirts fit anymore. So when I'm not wearing a dress I am in leggings and a big T shirt

Sleep: What is sleep? I am always exhausted, yet my body wakes me up early and I wake up every hour at night. I have given up on ever feeling rested again

Movements: Her kicks are becoming less kicks and more stretching type movements, she is so strong and sometimes her movements hurt a bit. But, nothing makes me happier than seeing her little body move inside me

Symptoms: Heartburn heartburn heartburn. I feel like my throat is on fire constantly, it is starting to get so bad that I feel like I am going to puke all day

Cravings: All things sweet. Last night I actually had Jonathan run to Krispy Kreme to buy me a dozen glazed doughnut. My sweet boy

Best moments: Painting the nursery! Jonathan and I went out and got some Grey paint and spent the weekend painting the room. It looks so good, I can't wait to show you guys

Worst moments: Last week I had to go in for a growth check ultrasound, because baby M was looking to be a little small. Everything is fine, thank goodness. The doctor said she is healthy and growing good, she's just smaller because I am a small person, so I just won't ever really have big babies


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    1. Thank you so much that is so sweet of you to say!

  2. You loook great! What a fun time!! For me it got to me exhausting lol I tried to remember though that this moment wouldn't last forever and as much as I wanted to hold my baby I wanted to savor this moment ❤ sounds like you are taking it all in and loving it! :)

    1. Oh don't get me wrong, this has been a rough few months. But the end is close, so it's making me appreciate pregnancy a lot more right now!
      Thank you so much for reading!

  3. Almost there! :)
    So much excitement.
    Sending you tonnes of love and positivity!

  4. When I was pregnant I didn't want photos of me. It was a rough time in my personal life. Years later I look back and wish so badly for them! Love these!!

    1. Ah, next time! I take way too many photos of my belly!

  5. You look great! I love your outfit, too. You're almost there. Congrats :)

    <3 Marcy Girl Mom Life 

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  7. You are too cute!!! And you're ALMOST THERE!!!!!! <3

  8. You look amazing Lex! This brings me back such great memories of being pregnant. You're giving me baby fever already! :) That is so sweet of your husband to bring you Krispy Kreme! Also have fun painting and decorating the nursery! I hope you post about it, because I am excited to see!

    1. I know he's a sweetheart, thanks so much for reading Tiffanie!

  9. You are so beautiful! I usually don't have to buy maternity clothes, either. Although, with this one, jeans are getting pretty uncomfortable to button now. By the way, love love love that wine color on you.

  10. Lucky you! I'm a small person who had big babies (first was almost 10 lbs! 😳). And you are right about the sleep thing!!


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