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I'm Back! - Weekly Highlights

I'm back!... Again. Time has flown by since my last post and I am sad because of it, but I am back and ready to get my grind on. School and work has just consumed my life, and to top it off I no longer have my laptop so it makes it a little difficult to write. But I do have a plan to stay on top of things, so don't abandon me yet! 

Anyways, here's a little weekly update:

Date night was a success to say the least. Painting, pie, music and an amazing boy? Perfection. 

Kayenta is a small town in Southern Utah. My friend and I went there the other day to look at art and get some lunch. It is the cutest town full of little art galleries.

I VOTED! This was a huge thing for me. Before this day I had never voted before, it was an amazing experience, and I will remember it forever. 

Zions National park is absolutely beautiful, and I suggest you all go there if you can. The other day I went and walked around a little, than I ate at Meme's cafe. The views are breathtaking. 

New cafes are always a must, the Twisted Noodle Cafe is where we went this week. It was actually really cute and my food was amazing. Jonathan said the burgers weren't the best, but my Asian salad was so full of flavor and it was pretty big for only 8$!

Lastly, Jonathan and I drove to Las Vegas to go to Ikea. This was his first time and I was so excited to take him because Ikea is one of my favorite places. We planned out our whole dream house and now I just want to fast forward ten years! Kidding. I made him try the meatballs, and he loved them.. Of course, who wouldn't? If you have never been to an Ikea you are missing out.

There is a little recap of my week, hope you enjoyed!

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