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September Goals | August Recap

September is here, wake my up when it ends.. Get it? Ha Ha. Good old Green Day reference.

I am a very goal oriented person, and if I don't set daily/weekly/monthly goals, I won't get anything done. To hold myself more accountable, I started doing my monthly goals on my blog.

August Recap 

1. Read a new book. I haven't finished a book in a long time, so this is something I really want to do.
Does my textbook count? If not, then I have yet to do this one! 

2. Blog at least twice a week. I am starting to actually get into blogging more, and I would like to pursue this goal head on.

3. Be prepared for the first week of classes. By this I mean have all my books, school supplies, etc.
Done done done!

4. Go see a movie alone. Preferably Paper Towns.
Unfortunately I wasn't able to do this. I did see a movie this month, but it was with friends. The Conjuring 2. 

5. Get my workout plan in order. I want to have my weeks workouts planned, so when I go to the gym I am not lost on what I should be doing.
I am so mad I haven't done this, but school has consumed every moment of my life but I will get this all figured out soon!

6. Start having my meals planned per week. Next week I move into my apartment, so I won't be living at home. This means I need to focus on the money I am spending on food, hence the meal plans.
This has been successful, I have even meal prepped my lunches and dinners. This makes my life so much easier.

7. Personally introduce myself to each professor. After each class I want to walk up and introduce myself to each professor. This semester huge goal of mine is to make sure each professor knows me.
I was so determined to do this one, I only have talked to half of my professors, but this WILL get done. 

8. Have a "me" day before school starts. More or less a spa day.
I spent the whole day at a coffee shop, I read and blogged all day. It was literally the best day ever. 

9. Purchase a planner for the school year. I've been looking for weeks and I just can't seem to find one I love! Any suggestions would be appreciated guys!
I finally found the perfect planner, and I love love LOVE it!

10. Get a job. I have a job interview tomorrow that is ON CAMPUS!! Wish me luck.
So, I did get a job. But, then I quit. It wasn't able to work with my school schedule. But, I am back on the hunt. 

11. Attend the Student Government retreat. This is a three day event with all of the Student Government members, I've been planning on attending for weeks.
I went, and I had a blast! You can read a little about that here.

12. Join a club. I am a part of two already, but my goal is to join a new one. This is a great way to meet new people.
I joined another club, yay for more activities. 

13. Get to know all of my roommates personally. I move in with new girls next week, and I am so nervous.
We are never all home at the same time, so this one is a little difficult. 

14. Make moms birthday weekend special. My mothers birthday is this weekend, I am hoping to take her out to eat. I hope it's a special one because I missed her birthday last year.
My mothers birthday was perfect, we did everything she wanted, and even threw her a surprise little party! She cried, so I would say it was a success. 

15. Clean out my closet. I have procrastinated this for years, I'm not even kidding. I have a weird attachment to clothes,I just need to suck it up and get rid of all my crap.
I got ride of so many clothes, this was extremely difficult for me.

16. Make a dream board. I think this will be a great motivational tool for me, because I am a very visual person.
I haven't done this yet, but I am doing one soon, I promise!!

My goals for the month of September:

Stay caught up with all of my classes, that means attending class everyday.

None of my classes are too early, so there should be no excuses to miss class. And, as long as I plan my assignments ahead of time, this semester should be a good one, with minimal stress,

Have a 'me' day,

I want to have a relaxation day dedicated to just my wants and needs. Maybe a bubble bath and a good book, or a day shopping at the mall. Whatever I decide to do, I want it to be focused on relaxing, and easing my weekly stress.

Attend office hours four times this month. 

It doesn't matter what teacher or for what class, I just want to focus on getting in there for office hours. This is something I struggle with every semester, and I want to take full advantage of the time my professors dedicate to their students.

Write in my journal at least once a week. 

I have a journal that I write in, but I don't faithfully do it. Writing in my journal often is something I want to do during my lifetime, it is very important to me. My only issue is that I procrastinate and then end up not even writing in it. I want to start making this a priority in my weekly to-do's.

Get a job.

This was in my August goals, and I accomplished it, but the job I got wasn't working out due to time conflicts in my school schedule. So, I am back to being unemployed, and I need to find a new job. Wish me luck on this one guys.

Meal prep my dinners and/or lunches cont'.

My eating habits have gone way downhill the past few weeks, and I am pretty sure it is because I don't have time or energy to cook after school. When I come home, I make a burrito or get take-out, and this needs to change. I want to prep my dinners on Sundays as well as my lunches. I bought all the groceries for the week, so let's see how long this lasts. I'll post a picture of my meal prepping.

Attend weekly studies every Friday.

My church offers bible studies on Friday at our local coffee shop, it is for young college-aged students. I really want to try this out!

Make a spreadsheet for my assignments. 

If I do this, I feel like I will have a better feel for my semester assignments. I got the idea from a post that you can find here.

Get a pumpkin spiced latte

Seriously, best drink, ever.

Attend the Homecoming parade

I think I am a part of it this year, so that is exciting!

Attend the Homecoming dance and True Rebel 

Dance my booty off, and become a true rebel.. again!

Go to the Football game to support my school

I love football, so this one is inevitable. Plus, college football is so fun!

What are some of your goals for September?

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