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Weekly Highlights

Hey guys! So if you are a reader of my blog, you know that every Friday I have been posting a recap of my favorite events of that week. The only issue is, Friday is the first day of the weekend, and I am slammed with work over the weekends. To fix this I decided to start Weekly Highlights, it's the same concept; except I will be posting on Sunday/Monday and recap my whole week. I hope you enjoy!

I had to drive back home through Labor Day, and I got back Monday afternoon. Typically I think the drive is long, boring and not a pretty sight. For some odd reason this time it was different, I enjoyed the whole drive. Maybe it was a change of attitude, but this whole drive I noticed how beautiful Southern Utah is. I sang my heart out the way, and it was so relaxing. 

I spent countless hours at Starbucks with my Chai doing homework. Political Science has become my life. 

I got to hangout with all my friends this weekend. The first picture is of two girls that I adore so much, we haven't really had time to hangout this year yet, so it was a good time. I met a few new people, which is great! Pretty sure I was dancing 90 percent of the night, I can never stand still. 

Notice the gold arrows on my wrist, and dots on my face? Yeah the beginning to a beautiful evening. 

The grand event of the week was SHE club initiation. My university doesn't offer Greek life, and this club is the closest thing we have. I was apart of it last semester, and I met some great ladies. This Saturday was our initiation and it was also a pool party. We did face paint and tattoos. Our theme for the night was Coachella. This day was completely unforgettable. I met amazing girls, and it was a great bonding experience! I met two girls A and K, we all got along super well and really got to know each other. They are amazing ladies. 

There's my weekly recap, I hope you enjoyed! Until next week.

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