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My Ideal Day | Blogtember 2k15

Alright ready for the perfect day? Imagine this.

Sunday is my favorite day of the week, so it would have to be a Sunday. I would wake up naturally around 7 o'clock to the smell of fresh coffee. 

Now, imagine that it is October/November, so the weather is a bit chilly in the morning. I would go into my living room and open up the blinds, sit on the couch with my coffee (that has pumpkin spiced creamer in it, obviously) and read a good book or read some blog posts.

Oh, also I would be located in San Francisco for this day, because I love it there, After my relaxing morning I would go down to the beach and go for a long walk. I would be bundled up with layers because it would be quite chilly. Then, I would come across a small sandwich shop right off the beach, and I would consume the greatest sandwich of my life in that moment.

After that, I would meet up with some friends to go to an amusement park. We would ride roller coasters all afternoon, and eat all of the foods you can put on a stick. After that we would all go to a local coffee shop and chat. A few hours of catching up and laughing.

Once that was over, we would all go our separate ways and I would head over to a sushi place to meet up with my mother and sister. We would have a great time with each other, because we always do. Once dinner was over, we would take a walk to night site-see then, all of a sudden a firework show would start directly above us. It would be one of those huge shows that last over twenty minutes, the ones where no matter what you can't look away, because it is the most spectacular site you've ever seen. Stopping on a bench we sit there and watch. An absolute perfect moment, one you would remember twenty years later.

We would all say our good-byes, and I would head back to my room to relax and unwind. I would end my night by taking a warm bubble bath with my Relevant magazine.

That would be my ideal day. The beach, coffee, fireworks, family, ah it makes me so content just thinking about it!

What's your ideal day?  

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