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Best Day of My Life

Today's blogtember post is The Best Day of your Life. 

It's hard for me to pick one best day, because I have been blessed with many. The one that really sticks out of my mind though, would have to be November 24, 2014. 

Honestly, just thinking about this day brings a huge smile on my face. 

My mother and I went up to Salt Lake City for the evening, for a series of events. First, we walked around downtown SLC and had great conversation. Everytime we are together we have the greatest talks. 

Then, we went to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner. It was my first time eating there, and it was such an incredible experience. The location and interior of the building were absolutely breathtaking, I was not expecting that. If any of you guys watch Big Bang Theory you know the Cheesecake Factory is not fancy, and I was expecting what I'd seen on television. But, I was so wrong, this place was so different. The food was even better, I had a steak and it was perfect, I'm not even kidding it was the best steak I'd ever had. Dinner was really fun, and it was nice being able to talk with just my mom and not have any other distractions 

The highlight of the evening was the Jazz game, they played the Chicago Bulls. As I typed that my heart started racing. Chicago Bulls are my favorite team, and they have been since about 8th grade. I remember watching the Bulls play, and Joakim Noah, he just amazed me. Ever since that first game I watched on the television I have been hooked with the Bulls. My mom being the amazing woman she is, bought us tickets to this game.

The first NBA game I went to was very memorable as well, when I first walked into the arena I cried. It sounds silly bu right when I walked in, it was just this rush of emotions. It was insane. Now, the second time when I walked in for the Bulls game I didn't tear up, yet. It was all good, and we went to get drinks and find our seats, and we were just talking until the players came out. They introduced the Jazz, which was great because I do like them. But, when they introduced Chicago my heart started racing. I was on the edge of my seat. Then they announced Joakim Noah and I completely lost it, I was so freaking out because I was finally seeing them in person. I remember telling my mom that we are breathing the same air as them! Yeah, I'm a tad insane. I remember that I'd never been so amazed at watching someone warm up, I was completely smitten with them. 

I had dreamed about the first time that I would see Chicago, and my dream was coming true. It was such a big deal to me. The game was insane to say the least. The Bulls had a high lead until the end, and from that point it was back and forth. It was such a close game, but my boys came though 95-97. The Jazz had the last shot, and right when he through it time was up so if he had made it they would've won, but thankfully he missed and CHICAGO WON. I was freaking out, so overwhelmed. 

After that, we drove home singing and dancing. Then, my mother found out that the Bills had won their football game that night, so her team had won alongside mine. What a night. Wow. The greatest part of this whole night though, was being able to spend it with my mom. She is so important to me, I cherish every day that we spend together. The fact that she made this night happened makes me so eternally grateful, she made one of my dreams come true. Perfect night. 

 Gotta love our photo bomb

What was your favorite day?

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