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A Letter to Sixteen-Year-Old Me

This was the most difficult post for me to write, because I was very honest. Thanks for reading!

Dear Lex,

I've been sitting here for over an hour trying to think of something to say, anything. Nothing is coming to my mind, and I hate that.

This year of your life is the year that everything changed, everything. This was the year you learned a lot about yourself, and others. I know things were tough this year, and you feel like you are dying inside, but that isn't going to last forever. Trust me.

The number one thing I want to tell you is to cherish the friendships you have now, because less than five of those relationships lasted, if that. Don't freak out, the friendships may not have last, but the memories do, and you can't beat great memories. M and R aren't in your life anymore, and it breaks my heart to say that, but life drifts people apart, and there's nothing you can do about that. So, I hope you appreciate their friendship in the moment. Another thing, reach out the the members of your skate team more, make time for them. It may seem like they are all grown up and have their own families, but remember they are your family.

You can go to a party without participating in all of the activities there, think about it.

Cherish your family with everything you have, they are the ones that never leave. They are your strongest support system, and they always will be. Things get really tough throughout the next year concerning Mom, you will get through it and things get so much better. Be there for Riylee and Grandma, they care so much about you.

Stop screwing up in school, because you do go to college, shocker I know. But you get into a good school and life gets better, don't make things harder for yourself by failing all of your classes. Get involved, and hangout with everyone, Don't make your circle small, explore the different personalities because in a little over a year you never see those people again.

Stop letting the guys in your life control your emotions, it's not healthy. That one guy that you keep hoping won't break your heart, he does. The heartbreak will scar you, and it will be so hard to move on. But you do, eventually. In the moment it feels as if your world has completely shattered, and it feels like nothing could possibly make it better. Bad news, that feeling doesn't go away for a while, a long while. There is a good thing that you gain from this heartbreak though, you learn so much about yourself and the world. Guys will say anything to gain your trust, and you need to be careful. Lex, stop being so naive, seriously. He doesn't love you, and he never will. Stay strong, because the one is out there somewhere, you haven't found him yet but you will. Get your focus off of guys and focus on your studies, family, and friends. You deserve the best, never forget that.

Love yourself. Don't hate yourself, just don't. You accomplish nothing from this, it only hurts you. You're beautiful, never doubt that. I know life seems hard, and things don't always go your way, but darling that is life and everyone experiences that. You just have to believe that things will turn around, and something great is at the top of the mountain you have been climbing.

Love life, love yourself, love.

Sincerely, Lex.

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