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School Supplies Haul

School is right around the corner for a lot of people (including myself) and I wanted to show you guys the school supplies that I use throughout the semester! This year is a little different because I am actually going to color coordinate everything. Being organized with your school stuff is so important because it can help you maintain good grades and have less stress.

Here is everything I got in one picture. I'll go into more detail below.

A five subject notebook is what I got. I have five major classes that I will need to take notes on. The previous years I used multiple notebooks and that was not ideal. I always was stressed and it was overall just a bad idea. So, this year I decided to get one notebook for all of my classes. This is the best option for me because I spend a lot of my time on campus, and by having one book I will have access to all my class notes in one book.

 I have five different folders, all of which are different colors. Each folder is for a specific class. Having a separate folder for each individual class is smart so you don't mix up or lose anything for that class.

Post-it notes and page markers are my favorite!! I love this stuff guys, you have no idea! There is a different color post-it for each class. It is the same color and the folder. I also purchased the page markers for my text-books. 

All of my pens color coordinate with the folders I showed above. These pens are my favorite. I really like Paper Mate products, they always work super good for me. I also have a few mechanical pencils that aren't shown in the picture. The last thing I purchased was this adorable pencil case! I haven't used one since middle school. The reason that I purchased one this year is because I always lose my pens. I figure, that if I have one of these I will be less likely to lose my supplies. 

Well, there you have it guys, my school supplies for the semester! I am so happy with everything that I have gotten so far, it makes me really excited for Monday! The only thing I am missing is an agenda which I still haven't purchased. I'm freaking out a little bit, but I know I'll find one I like soon! If you have any recommendations please let me know!

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