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Friday Favorites!

Happy Friday!!

The week is almost over, and it is the start of the weekend, my favorite part of the week. Let's get started with my favorite things from this past week. 

Evolution Fresh is one of my new favorite products. I don't know where they sell them other than at Starbucks (which is where I get them). They have a pretty good selection of flavors, but my favorite thus far has been the Sweet Berry. It is full of flavor. If you have never tried these, go to Starbucks and buy one!

Guys I finally made banana pancakes, and it was a total success! People are always telling me to try these, and I finally decided to cook some up. Okay, I know what you are thinking, the pancake above looks not too appetizing - but I promise you it tasted like a bit of heaven. They were so savory, I didn't even need syrup!


 One Banana
Two eggs


Mash the banana in a bowl
Then, mix in the two eggs 
Put in frying pan and enjoy them!
When I made this recipe I was able to make three medium sized pancakes, so you can adjust the recipe if you want. 

I FOUND AN AGENDA! After weeks of looking for one I love, I finally found it! It was only 10 dollars at Barnes and Nobles. It's called On-Time Weekly Planner. 

If you read my posts you know that I started back at school this week! It was Welcome Week, so there was a ton of fun activities that I was able to be a part of! I'm not giving you any details because I am working on a post about my Week of Welcome, and they activities aren't over until Saturday!

Hope you enjoyed my Friday Favorites!

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