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Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites is one of my favorite things to write about, because I get to reflect on the week that I had. Hope you enjoy.

I moved into my new apartment this week! It is all very overwhelming and exciting. I have a house full of new roommates and I am sharing a room this year! I will have a post dedicated to just my apartment and roommates within the next two weeks. So stay tuned for that. My cousin Chelina helped me move in and unpack everything! Here is a selfie for your pleasure.

I finally purchased my school supplies for the Fall semester, you can read all about that here.

Above is a few pictures from my Student Government Retreat. It was a three day event, I was only able to attend two of the three days. But it was such a fun experience and I was able to meet a ton of new people! 

The last thing of the week was I GOT A JOB. I am a Lab Assistant at my University. I had training during the Student Government Retreat, and that is why I had to miss a day. This is the perfect job for me because they work around my schedule and I get all major holidays and student holidays off! 

There is my Friday Favorites, hope you enjoyed reading about my week! Until next week!

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