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Friday Favorites

I want to start doing a post every Friday where I pretty much talk about my favorite things/items from my previous week! Let's see how this goes!

Tree Top Organic Apple Juice, this is the best apple juice ever. I was at Starbucks and I was really craving juice so along with my coffee I got this juice and wow it is really good. Plus let's be honest, I just like drinking out of a juice box.

I got a Blender Bottle, and I love it. I have never had one, I usually make my shakes in the blender or I'll typically use a spoon. But, this bottle is so convenient. I can put the powder in and shake it on my way to the gym. It also works great as a water bottle!


I purchased my first bible! I am not one to post about my religious views and all of that but I thought this was the cutest cover ever, I am so happy with this buy! The words are pretty big so it won't strain my eyes. I got it at Barnes and Noble for under thirty dollars!

I started doing yoga, I LOVE it. Seriously, it is the greatest thing ever. Yoga is so good for both your body and mind. I suggest everyone tries it at least once. You'll get hooked.

I have a new TV show that I started watching. I found it on Netflix the other night and I am hooked, I know I am a few years behind but The Secret Life of the American Teenager is such a good show. I find it as more of a comedy though.

That's all for now, until next time!

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