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August Goals

Hey guys!

So, I know I am a little late on the monthly goals considering it is already the 12th of August! But, better late then never right?

This month is full of exciting things, I will be starting my Sophomore year of college, moving in with new roommates and so much more! It is going to be an exciting month, and I have lots of things planned thus far!

1. Read a new book. I haven't finished a book in a long time, so this is something I really want to do.

2. Blog at least twice a week. I am starting to actually get into blogging more, and I would like to pursue this goal head on.

3. Be prepared for the first week of classes. By this I mean have all my books, school supplies, etc.

4. Go see a movie alone. Preferably Paper Towns.

5. Get my workout plan in order. I want to have my weeks workouts planned, so when I go to the gym I am not lost on what I should be doing.

6. Start having my meals planned per week. Next week I move into my apartment, so I won't be living at home. This means I need to focus on the money I am spending on food, hence the meal plans.

7. Personally introduce myself to each professor. After each class I want to walk up and introduce myself to each professor. This semester huge goal of mine is to make sure each professor knows me.

8. Have a "me" day before school starts. More or less a spa day.

9. Purchase a planner for the school year. I've been looking for weeks and I just can't seem to find one I love! Any suggestions would be appreciated guys!

10. Get a job. I have a job interview tomorrow that is ON CAMPUS!! Wish me luck.

11. Attend the Student Government retreat. This is a three day event with all of the Student Government members, I've been planning on attending for weeks.

12. Join a club. I am a part of two already, but my goal is to join a new one. This is a great way to meet new people.

13. Get to know all of my roommates personally. I move in with new girls next week, and I am so nervous.

14. Make moms birthday weekend special. My mothers birthday is this weekend, I am hoping to take her out to eat. I hope it's a special one because I missed her birthday last year.

15. Clean out my closet. I have procrastinated this for years, I'm not even kidding. I have a weird attachment to clothes,I just need to suck it up and get rid of all my crap.

16. Make a dream board. I think this will be a great motivational tool for me, because I am a very visual person.

What are some of your goals for August?

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