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"Everything gets better with time."
This phrase is commonly used everywhere, and I never put much thought into it but I started to. Leaving home and starting college miles away was a huge step for me. Such a transition. To be completely honest I didn't think I had it in me to keep going, and stay strong. But, I'm into my third week of college and it is getting better.

I'm not saying I have tons of friends and my life is fantastic because well, that would be a total lie. 

I have made some friends and I even joined a club. The SHE club, I'm meeting with them for the first time tomorrow and we are going for a hike and doing smores, I hope this all goes good for me because it could mean expanding my social life.

My life at the moment is One Tree Hill and drinking Dr. Pepper; my life has came down to being a complete couch potato. It's disturbing. School. Home. Sleep. That has been my adventurous life for the past three weeks, fun right? 

Yeah, to say the least I'm just trying to get by for now until things start turning up. Life is getting better though, and I am not completely miserable anymore. 
That's progress right?

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